Ballistic tests - More than 300 impacts

Vidrio Blindado disparos vehiculos

Real attack

Vidrio Blindado tiros a vehiculo

Glass repetitive impacts

Vidrio Blindado impactos

Impacts with rifle

Vidrio Blindado

Sample armored glass to impact

Vidrio Blindado

Glass sample impacted

Vidrio Blindado

Armoring windows for buildings

Vidrio Blindado

Bulletproof glass for all vehicles

Vidrio Blindado

Sunroof Armored

Vidrio Blindado

Bulletproof glass kit

Vidrio Blindado


Armored glassarmor

Clear View Armor

vidrio blindado

Specializing in the production of bulletproof glass division using technology for every application.


Armor international


With over 30 years of experience Armor International it has specialized in the assembly of vehicles of all kinds. Its production capacity , modern machinery , and its highly skilled workforce have positioned as one of the most solid armoring World..